Meet the team

Our staff at Apex is always certified, professional, and judgement free. 


Amanda Arrigo


Amanda is an ISSA certified personal trainer, healthy lifestyle coach, certified nutritionist, and our incredible APEX leader!

Amanda's background includes 3 years of competitive body building and 8 years as a fitness trainer. This has been a passion of her's for over 11 years. "I am confident that every plan I create will not only build your physique but also your confidence through strength and nutrition." Not only is Amanda an incredible coach, she is also a dog mom, beach lover, and mental health advocate. 

Jessica Reilly 

Personal Trainer / Class Instructor

Jess is our Kettlebell specialist! She is an ISSA and Kettlebell Level I certified trainer, who focuses on the mind body connection. Jess herself discovered the link to mental health and physical exercise after facing her own mental health journey. After being a dancer for over 10 years,  she focused her attention on teaching other women to love movement and focus on caring for yourself through exercise. She hosts our Kettle Bell Flow classes, where she covers "the basics to the ballistics" - she is our sole Kettlebell strength and conditioning coach!


Louis "Africa" Ouedraogo

ISSA certified Personal Trainer & Nutritional Specialist

Louis Ouedraogo is an ISSA certified personal trainer and Nutritional Specialist. He has an extensive background in strength, conditioning, and agility training. Louis also specializes in competition posing and meal planning.

Laura McSweeny

Personal Trainer / Class Instructor

Laura is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. She has a background in soccer, cheerleading and cross-country. She trains athletes from all ages and backgrounds. 

 "I am a NPC bikini competitor,  a sponsored athlete of Hummus Mediterranean, as well as an affiliate with 1st Phorm & Team DC Sports Apparel." 


Tom Kern

Personal Trainer/ Class Instructor

My name is Tom and I am an NASM certified personal trainer. My fitness journey started back in high school with kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and has progressed to include all different kinds of weight training. My biggest focus with my clients is making sure they’re doing moves with the correct form. I believe there’s no one size fits all in fitness, but there’s something for everyone! Fitness has changed my life for the better, and believe it can do the same for everyone.

Jessica Damico

Personal Trainer / Class Instructor 

Jessica is a NASM & ISSA Certified Personal Trainer of 3+ years and specializes in strength training, athletic training and corrective exercise. While she specializes in forms of exercise she really loves to focus on helping her clients create a happy, healthy and balanced lifestyle. She has her Associates Degree in Liberal Arts of Sciences and is in the prospects of obtaining her BSN in the Nursing Program at Adelphi University.


RJ Carter

Remote Personal Trainer / Class Instructor

With over 15+ years experience, I have trained numerous athletes ranging from youth athletics to professional basketball players and martial artist. Those lessons have helped me to continue to excel in the fitness industry and help people reach and exceed their fitness goals.

Ariel LaBounty

Personal Trainer/ Class Instructor

Ariel is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. She has a background of track and cross country and loves strength training and conditioning. She is always looking for someone to join her in a Spartan Race. After being a nurse for 10 years, she decided to pursue fitness to continue to help others become a healthier version of themselves. She loves to incorporate Yoga into her programming and is specialized in Youth Training and Corrective Exercise.


Erica Faith

Class Instructor

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